Tubular Management Products

Manage inventory and inspections with two integrated programs

Inspect and manage

AvanTech offers two programs, Tubular Inspection and Tubular Inventory Management, to help you inspect, rent and track your inventory. The programs integrate with one another, allowing you to import inspection records out of Tubular Inspection and into Tubular Inventory Management.

Inventory Management

Track tubular location, quantity, sizing, wall thickness along with dozens of other attributes

Sales Workflow

Add all the information you need to quotes, work orders and invoices in only a few clicks

Inspection tracking

Transfer inspection data between programs using our proprietary export format

See how easy it is to add items to an invoice


  • Store all info relating to tubular specifications
  • Search all fields by any attribute to find what you’re looking for
  • Instantly find the location of any item in the yard


  •  Create inspections with or without internet 
  • Issue inspections in professional looking reports
  • Quickly add all measurements and values with a few clicks


  • Create special logins for clients to view their orders
  • Share inspections between Tubular Inspection and Tubular Inventory Management
  • Print out work orders, quotes and invoices or export to a variety of formats