We've built our products over the years by working closely with clients to understand their specific needs, while refining our software to be flexible enough to fit and integrate with multiple clients and their business operations. Our software products are primarily web applications and we develop these with an extensive background in database systems, data management for offline use and synchronization.

We typically do a discovery call with you to understand your needs for building a software solution. Starting with your goals and expected results, we'll refine the requirements and complexity of a software application and provide estimates on costs.

We stay flexible and can meet expectations with a fixed price or by hourly consulting with an agile approach that you are in control of the spending. We work with you to determine the best approach to meet your budget and timeframe.


We've worked with MS sql database applications with all of our products for many years.  Hosting, maintaining and managing database systems is regular business for us.


Whether you have oracle, MS sql, MySQL, or need a noSQL solution like Firebase or DynamoDB, we used these in many different projects and can integrate with data from any database.

Keeping access to your applications while on the go, in the field and disconnected is often critical and we are very familiar with the tools and technologies needed for offline database systems, syncing that data back and making sure you don't have to stop working with your software just because your network stopped working.

We specifically use languages we believe are the most flexible and suitable for the solutions of our clients.  That however, is often a mix of technologies and knowing when to pick them or what to put together for a given solution is important for any software developer to know.  We use and combine technologies such as:

  • C# and .NET with various other Microsoft technologies
  • Javascript and the Vue.js reactive framework.
  • Node.js and C# web services and frameworks
  • Python and linux tools / servers

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