AvanTech IoT Platform

Easy, secure, cloud IoT service & platform for your data & IoT solutions.

An IoT cloud platform to connect devices and data of any kind

Connect remote sensors and equipment, remote application data, database information and manual data into dashboards and cloud based storage.

Cyber Security​

Trust your data with complete end to end encryption security, strong passwords, and individual device certificates for cloud access.

Fully Hosted and Managed Service

AvanTech maintains the cloud infrastructure, your device data storage and the webapp to access and easily view your data.

Low Cost Startup

We offer a low cost option to start small with an IoT solution and easily scale up when you need more devices, sensors or custom services.

Easily view and access any number of remote devices and sensors

  • Easily build impressive dashboards to view only the data you need
  • View and capture live data from multiple devices 
  • Live view all sensors for any device
  • Configure and use alarms for SMS/email alerts and notifications
  • Chart and trend sensor values over time

Additional Screenshots

We’d love to show you a demo of our AvanTechIoT and discuss more about your needs and application.  Some additional screenshots show other areas below, including editable presets for charts & analytic intervals, configuration for sensors, alarms as well as areas to view an event log or audit trail and of course more dashboard editing features, all available for you to use and customize!


  • Custom Device & Sensors 
  • API or App data collection 
  • Consumer IoT Devices 
  • IIoT protocols and data 
  • Existing Database integration

Display / Notify

  • Dashboards 
  • Live data views 
  • User built alarms rules 
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • Custom Diagrams and Sensor Overlays


  • Historical Trending
  • Summary Reports  
  • Interval Based Statistics 

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Tons of info in our FAQ about IIoT and our product offerings.