ETS Mobile

A mobile field ticketing solution for service rig operators

Provide field users with easy mobile ticketing

ETS mobile helps you capture job information, activities and accurately bill and report that info from the field for service rig operations. 

Make tickets with or without internet

Make tickets, set up projects and fill out checklists on the job, even in remote locations

Manage project and personnel data seamlessly

ETS Mobile stores paycode, project, operator, job code and operator data

Sync data between field and office

Share tickets and other work done in the field with the office remotely

In-depth reporting for anything and everything

A wide variety of reports available including well, job and truck summaries, payroll reports, rig inspection and job summary


  • Make tickets, complete inspection reports and sign tickets in field
  • Add project information on or off line
  • Fully customizable to suit your workflow 


  • Add information to ticket by selecting from saved data
  • Save partially filled tickets when working offline
  • Wait to sync if going days without internet


  • Complete reporting shows active rigs, revenue versus costs and other metrics
  • Control ticket editing by locking
  • See location of all rigs on an interactive map

ETS mobile has all the entry sections needed for daily tickets:

  • Well info & job activities
  • Personnel
  • Safety & BOP
  • Well costs

Various additional field report are available:

  • Rig Inspection Checklist
  • Safety Meeting
  • BOP Inspection Function

We can build or customize unique offline reports for you as well:

  • Custom company specific reports
  • Unique client requirements
  • New forms you need for operations