A School Management Product - Specialized for LINC programs

SchoolSense is school management software that allows the administrative staff to easily setup, manage and track a school's courses, faculty, students and results. It has been built in collaboration with LINC schools to easily support the LINC school programs and their unique requirements, making it a perfect fit to manage your LINC school.

SchoolSense is a web based product that AvanTech hosts directly, so you never need to worry about the servers, setup or IT needs to keep SchoolSense running smoothly and easily to access for your staff.

Built in Modules

Numerous modules are available in SchoolSense to ensure all aspects of the school are easy to keep track of and manage in a single product.


Track student attendance with reporting options to see and analyze attendance records and trends. Use it from a mobile device or print a more traditional attendance sheet to fill in manually, that can later be entered into SchoolSense.

Course Management

Keep all courses up to date and ensure course lists and information is readily available and searchable.


Student records are kept for tracking individual skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Waiting Lists

Easily manage an active and passive waiting list for all classes and students, knowing how long each student has been waiting on the list.


Track your class sponsors and all of their associated information for easy central access.

Child Minding

Track the full contact info and required records for your child minding program and keep the relationship to clients (parents) known directly in the SchoolSense.

Teacher Management

Track all teachers, active and inactive with historical records for all their classes and activity.

Printing Certificates

Automatically generate quality LINC certificates and print them at any time for successful students

LINC Specific Features

The application was designed specifically for LINC schools, so all the necessary LINC features and processes are enforced in SchoolSense

System Statistics

Knowing the specifics of your school's operation is easy with the powerful statistics in SchoolSense. The # of clients in each program, class statistics, waiting lists, gender, children, client location, origin and many more elements are available in statistics, easy to pull up or export a report from at any time!


Throughout SchoolSense, you can easily print reports from any views, including when you filter and narrow down on your data, so its exactly what you need to report on.  Reports can be printed, saved to PDF or the data exported to Excel.

Optional Modules

In additional to all the great built in features of SchoolSense as a base platform, we also offer an additional module for iCare integration and we can easily build more modules to add onto the system.

iCare Reporting Integration

Reporting is designed to fit seamlessly into iCare reporting requirements, so this add on module for SchoolSense saves countless time and eliminates errors when completing monthly reporting. This module automates and prepares data for iCare data uploads and saves tremendous time that is otherwise performed manually and is prone to errors.

A Customized Solution for YOUR School

SchoolSense already has various ways to be configured for different user groups and multiple levels of permissions, which really ensures that SchoolSense works to fit in seamlessly with your staff and can be used at all levels of your organization.  However, there are time where you may need us to customize it further to your needs, build a new addon module or have something with SchoolSense automatically integrated into your existing systems and processes.  We can to help streamline that, and we do that by customizing the system with options or modules unique to your school.  We'd be happy to review these requests with you and determine if there are any additional costs for adding these to your system.

Additional Features

Throughout SchoolSense we've developed easy to use forms and links to speed up data entry.  Having the ability to easily jump using links to other records and easily find data or to get the information entered is the biggest benefit to having SchoolSense.  We've also ensured that you can have access from anywhere as a web app, for any staff and all in one place and even at the same time, this ensures you can manage your data for your school while saving countless hours of data entry and avoiding double entry and common mistakes that causes. 

Powerful Views / Search

  • Extensive, instant data filters let you analyze and filter your data exactly how you like.
  • Search for or filter everything from class to students with an easy to use tool set, throughout the application
  • Location Maps that shows you where students live as a regional school population
  • Create your own graphs and data visualisations using your favorite Business intelligence program using our standard Microsoft SQL database
  • Full historical log and audit views

Import / Exporting Data

  • We can migrate your existing data into SchoolSense
  • Convenient export tools from many views, to easily export your data to PDF or Excel
  • Automated export and reporting to iCare with that optional module

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