Electronic Tour Sheets for the Rig Manager with Offline Synchronization

Complete Daily Ticketing

WebDRIL ETS (Electronic Tour Sheet) is a complete solution for daily ticketing to be used by personnel in the field and then synchronised and managed in the office.  The field staff (typically the rig manager) can use a simple form based entry system to select and specify all of the job details needed for their daily Tour report.  Sections include:

  • Well activity & costs
  • BOP info
  • Well data
  • Personnel &  safety
  • Vehicle info
  • Hours of Service
  • etc

Data Synchronisation

All of the locally entered and even offline field tickets that have been created and saved in the ETS system, can then be synchronised with head office once a network connection is established.  ETS has a powerful 2 way sync process and it provides drilling and well service companies with a valuable bridge between field operations and the office information system.  Office staff can easy deploy updates to price lists, personnel information, and even updates and messages so that Rig managers in the field can get up to date information and have everything they need to complete their daily jobs quickly and efficiently.


ETS is built specifically for providing a professional electronic tour sheet in the field and it ensures the field staff can produce this on the spot, online or offline without ever having to worry about loosing any of the data or when to hand deliver it back to the office to keep them up to date, since the system does this automatically.  Office users have much faster access to daily tickets and can easily review them for approval and then ensure they get invoiced quickly.  Other report data that is typically slow to collect, is available instantly in ETS for information such as repair hours, stand-by hours, rig move hours, rig-up hours and down-time hours. 

Payroll and Invoice Integration

In addition to the Tour sheet reporting, ETS has additional reports for the office staff for rigs summaries, report lists and the ability to export these. WebDRIL ETS integrates with most 3rd party payroll and invoicing reporting systems which allows customers to avoid time-consuming data re-entry.

Additional ETS modules (also available in our MasterDRIL product) such as HSE (for managing Health, Safety & Environmental information), or inventory modules provide further value since their data can also all then be synchronised between field and office. Additional reports and web based tools is also available in our ETS reports product.

Tour Report

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