Electronic Ticketing System

Introducing ETS Mobile!

AvanTech has provided a leading Electronic Ticketing System for nearly two decades and customers rely on it for over 10,000 tickets per year.  We are happy to announce that we now have our ETS product as a full hosted online web application with all the best features of ETS, but in a newly designed, easy to use web app you can access from anywhere, at any time. With full offline support to create, generate reports and later synchronize, ETS Mobile gives you the ease that you need in an electronic ticketing system for your oil field operations!

ETS Versions Comparison

WebDril ETS
Desktop Edition

Desktop Edition for Laptop based environments.

Offline & Online Ticket Generation

Report generation and printing

Full Rig Setup and Personnel Editable in Field

ETS Mobile
Web based

Hosted Environment

Offline & Online Ticket Generation

Report generation and printing

Tablet / Mobile support

Dashboard Summary View

Dashboard Summary

Offline Download

Ticket Report

Web Based Ticket Generation - with Offline Usage

With ETS Mobile, you can enjoy the convenience of a web based application for easy access from anywhere on any device, with the power to still work offline and generate tickets in the field, outside any internet / mobile service areas.  Create multiple offline tickets, still with all your pricing data, rig, personnel and well costs available.  Preview and save a final PDF ticket for signoff and later sync it back to your head office when you are online.

Basic Ticket info

BOP Info



Well Activities

Well Costs

Well Data

Enhanced Online Reports

In additional to the summary data in our new Dashboard view, we have more detailed reports available in ETS Mobile.   These reports can be filtered down in more detail, exported to PDF and / or EXCEL.  We can also provide payroll and invoice integration into your accounting system to ensure your data entry is reduced and errors are eliminated.  

  • Morning Report
  • Payroll Information
  • Well Summary
  • Truck Summary
  • Invoices
  • Rig Report
  • Accrual Report

Online Setup

Many areas of setup allow you customize your electronic tickes and these are all setup in the application by an office user online.  These allow the jobs, customers, rate codes, personnel and other data to all be defined.  These areas from setup are then selectors and pick lists for the tickets, making things quick to enter and consistent for all your job tickets.  These include:

  • Rig Setup and Rig Report Setup
  • Personnel
  • Projects, Operators and Districts
  • Rate, Job and Pay Codes
  • Rig Operators