Bringing efficiency through intelligent automation

AvanTech Inc. has combined knowledge of what Advanced Measurements and FormSoft Software Solutions have created over the past 15 years with industry's newest technologies to create the ultimate enterprise management software package for the Drilling and Well Servicing industry.

A quality approach to R&D

AvanTech follows a research and development plan that evolves with the changing market. The features and functionality of our software provides customers with profitable benefits. Over the last three years, our R&D spending has consistently stood at approximately 30% of revenue.

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Our Services

AvanTech offers support through online JIRA support requests, email, and a support phone line that is staffed during regular office hours. For extreme situations, or when requested by the customer, support is available after hours and on weekends. Support will be done remotely, when possible. Onsite support is provided when required.

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Our Products

AvanTech provides organizational data management solutions for oilfield service companies in the form of advanced software applications. Software solutions include equipment management, electronic tour sheets and HSE applications. AvanTech offers an industry proven, out of the box solution that meets the vast majority of the client requirements in its standard form.

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