Tubular Web Reports

Manage Your Inspections Online and Run Powerful Reports to Visualise Your Inspection Data.

Get better value from your tubular inspection data with our web reports and analysis for tubular inspection data.  With data from third party systems or our own Tubular Inspection product, Tubular Web Reports makes tracking and managing your tubular joints easy.  It has convenience and high accessibility being a web based product and it has powerful views and reports on the usage/wear factors and life of any joint being used.  With it, you can track the amount of wear to the wall thickness on the entire string, pinpoint the thinnest joints in a string and easily monitor the amount of wear compared to the industry standard published by CAODC.

Pipe Subsets

Subsets are automatically detected by the system, whenever the previous inspection data you are comparing with comes from different inspections.  The joints for the main string and substrings are tallied up and then you can specific the drilling days for the main string as well as each subsets. This ensures the most accurate reports and calculated costs by handling these different subset injections and removals during a job.


The reports for wall thickness and wear calculations can be run for any inspection data, and they produce online previews, can be printed or saved to images or pdf files.

Tubular Web Reports Summary

Detected Substring Additions

Wear Report

Joint Reporting