Tubular Inventory

Organize and Track All Your Tubular Equipment, Transfers, Vendors and Customers

The Tubular Inspection application is designed to provide oilfield drilling companies with a convenient and easy to use system to manage and track equipment inventory, especially tubing for all associated actions, such as inspections and transfers. The system allows you to also have your customers and vendor information kept up to date with view only access for them to also see their equipment lists in your system.


Multiple Divisions / Yards

Managing equipment in different locations is an ease with our web based solution, since any users can access and manage all of the data without ever having to worry about how to share or access that information when needed.  With our web solution, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime with just a web browser.

Support for multiple locations is built in to ensure you can easily track equipment location and transfers between locations.

Transfer Histories

Tracking the movement of inventory is critical for your business and our systems records all transfer transactions.  This includes everything from shipping and receiving, to location transfers. 

Our transfers also support blending equipment racks together or moving equipment into new racks.

Email Notifications

Communicate with ease, by using built in Email functions.  Can be used for  email notifications or to directly send reports to customers using email without ever having the switch to another application.

Customer and vendor management

Setup your customers, so that when they login, they can see their inventory only, with view only access keeping them informed and your data safe.

Tubular Joints

Tubular has many special cases for inventory management and we provide all the tools you and your customer needs to handle them.  Track individual joint by serial number or the string order. Time savers built in to assist with this, like fill downs, auto increment serials, keyboard navigation and different tiers.

Process Control & Report History

Everything from quotes to shipping and receiving, everything is tracked, with full reporting and filter capabilities to find exactly what you need.  All transfers are saved and reports available for receiving and transfers within the system.  Customers can also login to access and view the reports for their equipment only, with the ability to download to see details.

Drilling Companies

Specific areas for drilling companies like our MSR (Materials and Service Requirement) and the IRF(Inspection Requirement Form)  are built in.  These include entry, tracking, reporting and a full history list.

For Pipe Manufacturer & Service Companies

Additionally track POs with a complete history and reporting.  Attach additional documents and files to the system for easy access and convenience.

Drill Tallies

Equipment Item

Document Photos

Report History

Companies / Branches

Tubular Inspection