Tubular Inspection

Manage Inspections, Enter and Record Inspection Data and Report on Results

The Tubular Inspection application is designed to provide oilfield drilling companies with a convenient and easy to use system to manage and track tubular inspections. There are many benefits to using Tubular Inspection over other applications or even a simple Excel based method.  

Consistent Data

The application simplifies data entry with drop down selections and preset field data for most of the inspection data.  This ensures consistency of data and makes it simple for the operator to learn.

Search By Serial

Search is quick, built in and easy to find to look up inspections and specific joints by serial number.

Convenient edit features

Save time by have automated fill downs, easy to use copy and duplicate features and editing that is specifically built for handling inspection data.

Manage multiple inspections

Easily Manage multiple inspections and keeps full history to quickly access previous jobs

Export data

Export data and run Reports on any job, to convenience formats and great looking reports.


Exporting Data

The application's import and export features allow customers to easily synchronize inspection results with their equipment database, including our own Tubular Inventory product. Producers / Oil companies then can import these files for keeping your inspection data associated with their tubular inventory.  

Tubular inspection also offers reporting features directly, allowing customers to easily print reports or export reports to pdf. 

Inspection Summary List

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Report Printing