Personnel and Safety

Manage Personnel and Safety with Reporting that Meets HSE Regulations

The Personnel and Safety application is designed to provide office personnel and human resource managers with up-to-date information on all aspects of field personnel and safety. Built over the course of 15 years, this software has been developed specifically to meet the ever-changing needs of our oilfield drilling and well servicing customers.  Personnel and Safety includes all the tools needed to properly record, track and report all important areas of employee hours, required certifications and safety expectations with your field staff.  All the reports generated also meet HSE regulations.

Various reports and chart views are available for any data columns, so you can easily chart one column over any other column in just two clicks. These flexible reporting options keep all the information you need available in just a few seconds.

Personnel Certifications

Track all of your personnel's certifications to stay compliant.  Set the expiry  dates and have automatic notifications send email reminders when re-certifications are needed.  Any number of certifications can be managed for every employee and you can also then find the appropriate workers with the valid certifications you need for every job!

Safety Incidents and Reports

CAODC safety statistic reporting is available and is based on all of the safety tickets and forms entered with the system.  There are entry forms for daily safety meetings, job observations, safety incidents (such as LTA – lost time accident) and near misses.  Automated reports can then be run for regulatory reporting for monthly, quarterly and yearly safety report.

Automated Safety Stats

The software automates many safety tracking features as well.  It keeps track of the # of safe working days for every rig, rig manager, driller and individual in the system.  These get reset when safety incidents are reported.  Additionally, there is a feature that allows the HSE manager to run a safety rewards program.  It can be used to set specific rewards at predetermined safety intervals which get tracked automatically the the system, making the HSE manager's tasks for this a lot simpler.

Certifications Reporting

Report on missing and/or outstanding certification requirements based on specific roles.  Helps identify which certification areas are missing or needed with your personnel.

Time Tracking

Capture personnel working hours for individuals over time. Use that data and report then on the working hours in particular time frames for individuals or with overall time summaries.

Job Applicants

Job applicants can be tracked and recorded from your own online submission website.  Applicants then get automatically added to the personnel database.  It allows specific applicant data to be entered, including their job history and current certifications they have and are valid.  This helps you match up the certifications you need, with new employee applications all from one system.

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