An enterprise management software suite for drilling and well service operators

Efficiently Manage Your Business and Field Operations

MasterDRIL is a software platform that helps you efficiently manage all aspects of your oil field business.  It ensures that you can accurately track equipment and inventory, which reduces costs and improves utilization and provides tools to manage your human resources, safety as well as all the business processes for tracking and reporting on those areas.  This powerful software, especially when combined with our Electronic Ticketing (ETS), can significantly reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and increase productivity and visibility with your business process.


Increase Productivity, Improve Your Process

MasterDRIL will help you automate your business procedures and accurately track, record and report on equipment, personnel and safety!


MasterDRIL has numerous modules that can be used individually or together as a total enterprise management package. Whether you need just one module or the whole suite, we can get your team setup and using MasterDRIL in a matter of days.  If further integration of your systems are needed, we are happy to discuss those and customise the system however you need.

Equipment inventory

Manage all of your equipment centrally and with easy to use form based entry for everything from equipment serial numbers to photos and associated documents for that equipment.

Personnel and Safety

Knowing and managing your personnel and safety is easier in MasterDRIL, with specific forms, reporting and regulations as part of the application, know all the details about your personnel and safety at all times.

Tubular Inventory

Similar to equipment, this modules makes tubular inventory tracking an ease with tubular specific fields and data entry, you've got everything you need to keep all tubulars in check.


Control budgeting and ease the approval process with forms used for planning your next work required in operations.

Work Order

Issue work orders and associate them with equipment and personnel in the system, to easily track outstanding jobs.

Purchase Order

Issue purchase orders for expenditure and historically track them within MasterDRIL.

Bill of Lading

Track shipments and orders that are delivered with accurate data in a bill of lading, while keeping it associated with the appropriate equipment, and work orders.

Desktop Interface - Equipment Summary

Web - Setup - Branches

MasterDRIL Desktop Interface

Document and Photo Attachments

Equipment Item Editing

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance Due

Tubular Inspection Data

AFE Summary

Bill of Lading

Equipment Costs

Incident Report

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